[image title=”” size=”” align=”right” lightbox=”false” group=”” link=”” width=”275″ height=”182″ autoHeight=”false” quality=”75″ frame=”false” link_class=”” underline=”true”][/image] Redeployment of your company’s used technology assets, is a cost-effective and efficient option for assets within your organization.

If there are areas within your own organization that could use the refurbished equipment, e-Waste can pickup, sanitize, test, image, and deploy to the destination of your choice.

Cost Effective

e-Waste’s eliminates the need for multiple vendors to handle complexed task.  e-Waste provides you with experienced personal to make sure your redeployment solutions go seamlessly within your company’s timeframe and budget.  Our complete redeployment services include; receipt, sorting, refurbishment, imaging, storage and redistribution.

Customized Solutions

Whether you are downsizing, upgrading or conducting a lease return, e-Waste has the project management team able to customize a solution that is right for your company.  No job is too big nor too small.  We work tirelessly one project at a time.