Data Eradication

Did you know the greatest risk of a data breach occurs during technology disposal? At e-Waste, we safeguard you from data loss while also protecting you from the potential financial and legal penalties of a data breach. Our certified data erasure services are fully compliant with heavily regulated industries like healthcare, finance and insurance, as well as government agencies who have strict guidelines regarding the handling and disposal of confidential data. We insure our clients up to $2 million per incident.

Your data represents your greatest asset. When recycling IT hardware equipment, there is a significant risk that data may fall into the wrong hands. Our R2, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 Certification ensures that our process and mission is to dispose your obsolete IT equipment safely and securely.

Our employees are fully trained and go through regular background checks to make certain they can handle security procedures for the classified data and information destruction. We provide both on-site and off-site hard drive shredding services.

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Data Eradication

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Key Features


All e-waste facilities are R2 Certified — recognized globally as the highest standard for electronics recycling.

Detailed Reports

e-waste Certified Recycling Report details every serial number recycled.

100% Compliant

We guarantee compliance with state, federal, and international laws. Everything is recycled responsibly and domestically.

How We’re Different

We rigorously audit our operations providing full disclosure of our downstream sales. Transparency in our supply chain enables e-waste to protect our customers’ brands.

Professional Certifications

Your Single Source Asset Recovery Solutions Provider

At e‐Waste, we provide a full suite of asset management solutions.