e-Crate System

Asset retirement can be a complex challenge. Often it takes multiple vendors to handle shipping, packaging, storage, inventory, data destruction, logistics, disposal and recycling. With our innovative “e-Crate” system, simply place your electronic equipment into the e-crate container we ship to your door. We’ll take it from there..


 All electronics data is expunged in a secure manner prior to recycling and decommissioning.


We work closely with our clients to form relationships that allow us to have intimate knowledge of historical asset retirement management cycles. With this knowledge, we proactively aid in the management of all electronics that may be nearing end-of-use.

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e-Crate System

“An excellent company to work with, very communicative when needed and organized.”

—Samantha Schultz, CIO

Key Features


All e-waste facilities are R2 Certified — recognized globally as the highest standard for electronics recycling.

Detailed Reports

e-waste Certified Recycling Report details every serial number recycled.

100% Compliant

We guarantee compliance with state, federal, and international laws. Everything is recycled responsibly and domestically.

How We’re Different

We rigorously audit our operations providing full disclosure of our downstream sales. Transparency in our supply chain enables e-waste to protect our customers’ brands.

Professional Certifications

Your Single Source Asset Recovery Solutions Provider

At e‐Waste, we provide a full suite of asset management solutions.