Technology Recycling

Secure and environmentally sensitive disposal of computer equipment is a major challenge for all organizations. Just as it is critical to properly configure an asset for use, it’s even more vital that it is recycled appropriately. This helps companies eliminate risk while ensuring the maximum return of investment.

Recycling to recover raw materials is the only responsible option when your electronics have reached the end of a long, useful life.

Afterwards, we provide detailed reporting, ensuring you can document the responsible—and legal—recycling of every device.

We manage the entire recycling process. Our fully integrated value recovery strategies and processes maximize yield and reduce costs. We operate with complete transparency and accountability.

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Globally responsible recycling

“We don’t just comply with recycling standards – we set them. Environmentally and socially responsible recycling is in our DNA.”

—Mike Marcis, E-Waste COMPLIANCE Officer

Key Features


All e-waste facilities are R2 Certified — recognized globally as the highest standard for electronics recycling.

Detailed Reports

e-waste Certified Recycling Report details every serial number recycled.

100% Compliant

We guarantee compliance with state, federal, and international laws. Everything is recycled responsibly and domestically.

How We’re Different

We rigorously audit our operations providing full disclosure of our downstream sales. Transparency in our supply chain enables e-waste to protect our customers’ brands.

Professional Certifications

Your Single Source Asset Recovery Solutions Provider

At e‐Waste, we provide a full suite of asset management solutions.