At e‐Waste, LLC we provide a full suite
asset management solutions.

Electronics asset retirement can be a complex challenge, sometimes requiring multiple vendors to handle shipping, packaging, storage, inventory, data destruction, logistics, disposal and recycling.

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We’re e-Waste ,LLC

Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Hudson Ohio, e-Waste helps companies of all shapes and sizes recycle their end of use technology assets in a safe, secure and responsible manner.

At e-Waste, LLC we go beyond industry standards to provide efficient, ethical and environmentally friendly services. Our disposal methods are compliant with HIPAA, Sarbanes Oxley and external software audits. We have a zero land fill policy, recycling or remarketing 100 percent of the assets we assume.

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In addition to reselling and recycling, we also specialize in lifecycle service such as redeployment and lease returns, donations and more. All platforms from mobility to the desktop, to the data center are included.

Technology Recycling

Technology equipment contains lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury and other dangerous

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Data Eradication

Data destruction of private and confidential information is crucial to corporations and small business alike ...

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Internal Redeployment

With e-Waste’s Asset Purchase Plus Program you’ll get maximum return on your IT investment without financial ...

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Asset Recovery

Do you have surplus IT equipment due to downsizing, moving, merging or relocating? We have an established ...

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Your Single Source Asset Recovery Solutions Provider

At e‐Waste, we provide a full suite of asset management solutions.

Who we are

e-Waste, LLC is an Ohio-based full service electronic waste recycling and remarketing solutions provider. We simplify a complex and critical facet of every organization by being a SINGLE SOURCE SOLUTIONS PROVIDER for all asset retirement related needs.

From the financial, logistical and legal burdens associated with disposing of retired IT assets, to delivering a complete audit report, certificate of destruction, and letter of indemnification, e-Waste can service the most sophisticated electronic waste recycling requirements.

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