Internal Redeployment

Not ready to upgrade your equipment? Refurbishing used technology assets and redeploying them across your organization is a cost-effective and increasingly popular option. We’ll collect, sanitize and refurbish your legacy equipment, then redeploy it to the destination of your choice.

Internal Redeployments can reduce expense by returning qualifying assets to your business environment rather than purchasing new. We help our client develop a solid strategy, including model stocking levels. 

We strive to deliver a like-new experience with every redeployed asset. We understand that the ultimate success measure for any redeployment program are happy end users.

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Internal Redeployment

“Extremely professional, they set clear guidelines and goals for the technicians to follow and achieve. We  look forward to working with e-Waste again.”

—Kristy Blanchard, Compliance Manager

Key Features


All e-waste facilities are R2 Certified — recognized globally as the highest standard for electronics recycling.

Detailed Reports

e-waste Certified Recycling Report details every serial number recycled.

100% Compliant

We guarantee compliance with state, federal, and international laws. Everything is recycled responsibly and domestically.

How We’re Different

We rigorously audit our operations providing full disclosure of our downstream sales. Transparency in our supply chain enables e-waste to protect our customers’ brands.

Professional Certifications

Your Single Source Asset Recovery Solutions Provider

At e‐Waste, we provide a full suite of asset management solutions.