6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Technology Recycling Provider

6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Technology Recycling Provider

Technology recycling providers are massively beneficial, but it’s important to be selective.

At some point, your business will need to work with a technology recycling provider. Over time, your digital devices will become obsolete, or inoperable; when that time comes, you’ll be responsible for managing the disposal of those devices in a way that keeps your business’s and your customers’ data safe. In some cases, this may be a legal requirement.

You probably don’t have the experts on staff to manage your technology recycling in house, so you’ll need to work with a professional technology recycling provider.

There are many options to choose from, so which factors should you consider when choosing a technology recycling partner?

Factors to Consider in a Technology Recycling Partner

These are some of the most important qualities and variables to consider:

  1. Available services. There are several services you may require or want for your old digital devices. For example, do your old devices require full data erasure? Do you want an onsite pickup? Are you interested in reselling your old devices? Or are you interested in fully disposing of your physical devices? Ideally, you’ll work with a partner who offers a wide range of services.
  2. Documentation. You’ll also want a technology recycling provider who provides documentation throughout the process; do they keep track of which devices they’re picking up, and who’s responsible for them at each step of the journey?
  3. Certifications. Is this technology recycler fully certified with the R2 or e-Stewards certification? Are they capable of ensuring your regulatory compliance? Do they offer indemnification for data breach?
  4. Communication. How easy is it to get in contact with this technology recycler? Are they honest and upfront about their capabilities? The more transparent and the better they are at communicating, the better your partnership will be.
  5. Cost. Finally, consider costs. Thorough technology recyclers will charge more than non-certified or amateurish operations, but you can still find a good deal if you know where to look.
  6. Logistics. What options does the recycler offer for pick up? Do they offer packing and shipping services? Do they offer LTL pick ups? Can they handle multiple remote locations?

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