Illinois landfill ban starts

Illinois landfill ban starts Jan. 1

By Jake Thomas, Resource Recycling

Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, a key part of the revisions to Illinois’ e-scrap law goes into effect, expanding the landfill ban from four categories of electronics to 17.

The revised law covers items ranging from televisions, computers and monitors to video game consoles, computer mice, cable receivers and others. Under the existing program, manufacturers must register with the state Environmental Protection Agency and meet an annual goal of collecting, and refurbishing or recycling, an amount of e-scrap based on a percentage of sales from the previous year. For the upcoming year, 40 percent of the weight of items that each manufacturer sold at retail in the state during calendar year 2010 must be recycled or refurbished.

The updated law also lowers the registration fee for manufacturers that sell fewer than 250 units in Illinois and issues grants of up to $2,000 to counties for educational purposes.

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