What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Data Eradication Partner

What You Need to Know Before Choosing a Data Eradication Partner

What comes next after understanding the purpose of data eradication?

We’ve previously discussed how data destruction works and its different forms. A data eradication service provider not only ensures you’ve secured data elimination, but also provides the confidence you have complied with laws and regulations surrounding such eradication. Given that there are many companies out there offering the same services, how would you be able to identify the best and most competent partner? 

Other than certifications, here are the other equally important things you need to consider in choosing the perfect data erasure service provider.

Data Security and Insurance Program.

Before you jump into entrusting your company’s confidential data to an external party, make sure your service provider offers and indemnification program. By the time you entrust your data to any external teams, you’ve already exposed your company to risks. Indemnification will protect you from loss and damages in case of unfortunate events like information leakage and mishandling of data. It is also very important to discuss the particulars of a service providers insurance guarantee. Knowing what their insurance covers and does not cover is extremely important.


According to research led by Sprout Social, about 85% of Americans would most likely stick with brands that have a history of transparency. Transparency is an attribute that consumers look for, especially nowadays when data breach and data theft are not uncommon.  It is only natural to desire a data destruction partner that you can trust. Your service provider should not hide anything that is of your concern. From their practices to compliance, a competent partner must disclose all the information you need to know throughout the process. Transparency builds trust as your expectations from your provider’s services are clear.

Available Forms

Data destruction can take on many forms and be accomplished in a variety of ways. The right service provider offers you options for your data elimination needs. And therefor it is critical to understand your companies internal data security mandates. The key is to ask your service provider how each form works. Make sure you understand each method’s results as there are methods that requires physically destroying old devices. Discuss what you’re planning to do with your old equipment so your partner can propose their best options at hand based on your needs and goal.

Whether you’re new to data eradication or not, it’s always advisable to discuss your company needs to know exactly the best approach to take. E-waste is here to help you. Contact us today for a free quote!

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