R2 (Responsible Recycling) Revisions Coming Later this Year

The R2 Technical Advisory Committee met in Keystone, Colorado to discuss revisions to the standard which are expected to be announced in the form of R2:2013.

The committee — made up 20 stakeholders from the electronics recycling and refurbishment industry, government, OEMs, retailers and other organizations — is tasked with recommending changes to strengthen the standard. The revisions the body could potentially recommend include a requirement that processors obtain an environmental health and safety management system certified to an accredited third-party system, such as ISO 14000, ISO 18001 or RIOS. Other issues addressed include revisions aimed at improving the quality of electronics in the reuse and refurbishment stream, as well as better management of certain hazardous materials. Also discussed were permanent sources of funding for R2 Solutions.

Once finalized this fall, the recommendations will be sent to the R2 Solutions board of directors, which will vote on their adoption following a public comment period. Currently, 217 facilities are R2 certified worldwide.

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