R2 TAC meets face-to-face

R2 TAC meets face-to-face

By Henry Leineweber, Resource Recycling

Members of the R2 Technical Advisory Committee held their first in-person meeting on Sept. 20 to discuss revisions and development of the certification standard.

Present for the meeting in Chicago was the 20-person TAC, which includes representatives from OEMs, generators, processors, refurbishers, government, nonprofit organizations, vendors and the environmental community, as well as members of the public. Much of the discussion centered on a review of a draft guidance document and the standard revision process. The draft document offers a clearer picture of how firms can better conform to the R2 standard given different conditions at their facilities. It will be released for public comment in November.

Regarding the standard revision process, the standard workgroup is set to begin drafting revisions in October, with TAC members each offered the opportunity to submit proposals for consideration. Among the possible revisions to the standard is whether or not R2 will require firms to have a certified environmental management system or an environmental health and safety management system. Currently, non-certified systems are allowed as long as they conform to Provision 1 of the R2 standard. Additionally, the revisions will explore what level of downstream due diligence should be required for R2 certified vendors, as well as clarifying R2’s provisions on reuse and refurbishment.

According to R2 Solutions executive director John Lingelbach, the timeline for getting draft revisions ready for public comment is nine months.

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