Why Your Business Needs a Professional Data Eradication Partner

Why Your Business Needs a Professional Data Eradication Partner

Data erasure services offer far more than cleaning up files and storages.

Deleting old data and throwing out old devices may sound simple, but in reality, failing to perform these processes securely and with a qualified partner can expose your company to unwanted risk. From government entities and private sector businesses, to households, data is a vital factor to running operations and performing most jobs.

As the digitization of physical objects and services continuously transforms, regulating data from beginning to end has become an essential task to businesses. Hence, the demand for data erasure/destruction services grows, and this rapid growth is expected to expand in the coming years. For many companies, managing their end-of-life data security is time consuming and complicated.  For these and other reasons many companies enlist the aid of data destruction partners to manage the process for them.

Compliance to Laws and Regulations

A data eradication service partner provides certification, which guarantees that all data disposal methods strictly follow the laws and regulations of the certifying bodies.  Policies and procedures, and standards for data erasure/destruction may vary depending on the nature of your business, your businesses mandates, and state and local laws and regulations . With a certified partner, you have the confidence that your data are disposed of legally and properly. This protects your company from potential fines and negative publicity from failing to follow specific requirements.

Secured Customer Data Base Gains Trust

Your data base is one of the most important assets of your business. It has valuable information that organizations use such as client lists, Intellectual Property and financial information. Given the value it holds and private information stored in it, keeping it secured is a top priority. Having a skilled service provider like E-waste to strategically manage your data eradication needs demonstrates your commitment in providing top-notch data security for your client’s information. In return, customers will continue to trust and have confidence in your organization.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

As your business gains client trust by securely managing your data, your company’s reputation also improves. Roughly 70% of businesses who went through a serious data infringement event have shut down within a span of two years following the event. This shows how well-maintained secured data destruction procedures can impact the future of your business.

Environmentally Friendly Approach

Federal state and environment protection organizations are encouraging companies to recycle to reduce waste. Hard drives, data storage devices, and other IT equipment can contain hazardous materials like lead and mercury which makes recycling the best option. However, recycling technologies have strict standards and protocols that private sectors have to follow. This is where professional services from data eradication to recycling services can be helpful. Backed with experience in the field and complete knowledge of the recycling standards, information destruction service providers like E-waste can offer different methods of data erasure for both physical and digital storage devices. By doing this, you securely and properly manage your data base while helping the environment.

Would you like to know more about data eradication? Check out our previous article to understand how this service works. Alternately, E-waste would be happy to help you with your concerns and inquires. Contact us today here!

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