6 Key Features of a Successful Internal Redeployment Strategy

6 Key Features of a Successful Internal Redeployment Strategy

These elements will ensure your internal redeployment strategy is a success.

Internal redeployment is a perfect strategy if you’re not quite ready to purchase new equipment, but your current equipment is in no shape for redistribution. With internal redeployment, you’ll eradicate all the data on your old devices, refurbish them, sanitize them, and distribute them to your workforce (or another destination).

However, to make sure your internal redeployment strategy is effective, there are a few features you’ll need to attain.

Addressing Internal Redeployment

Any internal redeployment strategy should have these features in place:

  1. Initial inventorying. Before you can start the collection process, it’s important to take inventory of what you currently have. You should note any and all devices in your possession, and decide how you want to handle them. Should these devices be refurbished, or simply recycled?
  2. Security. Refurbishing and redeploying your old devices can open the door to security vulnerabilities if you aren’t careful; if your data isn’t fully eradicated, or if your devices are lost or unattended at any point in the redeployment process, it could represent a weakness in your security strategy.
  3. Compliance. Depending on your industry and location, you may be subject to a number of laws regarding how you store and handle data (particularly consumer data). You’ll need an internal redeployment partner who’s certified, and capable of ensuring your full compliance with these laws.
  4. Documentation. There should be documentation at every stage of the internal redeployment process, from inventorying and shipping to reports on data eradication and internal distribution.
  5. Collaboration. Your internal redeployment partner should treat this as a collaborative relationship; your organizations should be partners working together to achieve a common goal.
  6. End user satisfaction. Your employees should ultimately be satisfied with their refurbished devices as well; devices should rival the functionality and effectiveness of new technology.

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