How Electronic Recycling Can Help Your Business

How Electronic Recycling Can Help Your Business

United States businesses generate an immense amount of electronic waste in their day-to-day activities. Every year, we throw away $55 billion worth of e-waste, which damages the environment and wastes valuable materials.

But how do we solve this?

Electronic recycling can be the perfect solution for businesses’ electronic waste. It helps by lowering your business costs, improves your environmental standing, and rids the workplace of unnecessary clutter. 

In this guide, we will explore how truly effective and beneficial electronic recycling can be to your business and why it should matter to you.

Are you ready to learn more about e-waste recycling and how it can transform your business? Continue reading for information every company needs to know. 

Help the Environment and Your Market Image

Electronic waste is a big environmental concern. Many electronics contain elements like mercury, lead, and lithium. When these are thrown away, they can damage the environment around them, leading to poisoned flora and fauna.

They can even leak into the water system, making the water toxic to humans and animals. 

Yet this isn’t the only reason that throwing away your electronics irresponsibly harms the environment. The elements that make up electronics need to be mined, often in conflict zones such as the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which produces a large sum of the world’s cobalt. This not only has direct human impact, but an environmental one as well. 

When you recycle your electronics, you can preserve vast amounts of these minerals, which in turn means that there is less mining and less of an impact. 

Boost Your Marketing

When it comes to spending their hard-earned dollars, customers have a lot of choices amongst companies that sell goods and services, and how a particular company stands regarding to its environmental position factors into those decisions. Environmental scandals can tarnish a company’s image while being green can give it a boost.

You should make a point of discussing your commitment to the environment in your marketing materials, pointing out that you recycle your electronic waste that other companies would simply throw away and the benefits to the recycling process.

When you recycle your e-waste, you’re not only helping the environment, but you’re also changing how people view your company.

Your Employees Will Thank You

Americans generally see protecting the environment as important.  This means that in addition to improving how customers see your company, an electronic waste recycling program can also improve how your employees view their employer and improve their morale.

Employee morale is a very important facet of how your business operates. Happy employees are more productive.

There is another facet to this as well. Employees like to have access to high-quality computers and other technology, which enables them to be more productive and efficient. As you are going to need to get rid of your old computers anyway, you should consider recycling them.

You’re giving the employees what they want: they’re getting better computers (plus other electronic devices) and know that they’re not having a detrimental impact on the environment, thanks to your recycling program.

More Usable Space in the Office

Electronics take up a lot of space, and we often tend to hoard them. It’s easy to throw an old laptop or phone into the back of a desk drawer and forget that it’s there. Yet while these devices are in there, you have less usable space in your office that you could be utilized for other items.

Clutter can cause stress, too, and getting rid of your electronics is a fantastic way to free up space and make your office a better place to work.

So, instead of letting your old electronics gather dust in a cupboard or take up valuable desk space, get rid of them in a green and efficient way.

Sensitive Data Will Be Completely Destroyed

Getting rid of your electronics can be a minefield from a data privacy standpoint. Your hard drives no doubt contain valuable customer information that needs to be compliant with various regulations. You also don’t want your business plans and other sensitive information to fall into the wrong hands, either.

To put it into perspective, the average cost of a data breach is an astounding $3.86 million

When you dispose of your electronics, you need to make sure that you’re getting rid of the information securely. When you recycle with us, we destroy the data on the hard drives before we recycle them. This means that no one will be able to get any information off your hard drives.

There’s no need to look for another company to destroy your data before you give your devices to us for recycling. We can take care of it all and leave you with no sense of worry. 

A Cost-Effective Way to Get Rid of Electronics

Many disposal services will charge you by weight, which means that you can be left with a large bill. However, as we recycle your electronics and sell the end product, we can pass these savings on to you.

This means that it’s often more cost-effective to recycle your electronics than it is to dispose of them another way. If you’re looking to cut costs while decluttering your office, recycling should be your first port of call.

Electronic Recycling Helps You and the Environment

E-waste has become a massive problem. As we depend on technology more and more, we create more and more waste. Using an electronic recycling solution allows you to take advantage of the latest technology without contributing so much to the overarching problem. 

If you’d like to start recycling your electronics, we can help you.

Our electronic recycling services can handle every aspect of the process, from logistics to data destruction to recycling. We abide by all necessary regulations and will recycle your waste responsibly and with due care.

If you’d like to learn more about our services and how we can help you, get in touch with us today.

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