How to Choose an Asset Recovery Provider

How to Choose an Asset Recovery Provider

Be careful when choosing an asset recovery provider

Changes in business climate can often leave you with an excessive amount of digital devices and IT equipment. Mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, moving, and relocating and change of work location could all leave you with equipment you no longer need.

Through asset value recovery, you can ensure the secure handling of these devices as they’re refurbished, resold, or recycled.  If done correctly this process can provide you with revenue to aid in the purchase of upgrades or to pay for the recycling of older equipment you may not have in your budget.  But how can you find the right asset recovery provider?

Finding the Right Asset Recovery Provider

Use these strategies to find the most appropriate asset recovery provider for your needs:

  • Prioritize certifications. First, make sure your asset recovery provider is R2 or e-Stewards certified. Formal certification is a sign that this particular provider is reputable and reliable. It’s also reassurance that your asset recovery provider will be able to ensure your compliance with the laws and regulations relevant to your business.
  • Review available services. Not all asset recovery providers offer the same suite of services. For example, do they offer pickup? Do they offer in-depth inventory tracking and reporting? Do they refurbish, resell, and/or recycle your assets? What other services are available?
  • Read online reviews and testimonials. Next, as you would for any new business partner, spend some time reading online reviews and testimonials. What do customers have to say about this partner? Were they satisfied with the services they received? Is there anything lacking?
  • Get quotes. Different asset recovery providers will be able to offer different prices—even for the same services. Ask your providers for estimates of your assets value. While they may not be able to tell you exactly what your assets are worth without physically inspecting them, many will give you estimates for budgeting purposes.
  • Have a conversation. Finally, take the time to talk to your asset recovery provider directly. Is it easy to get in touch with a representative? Are they willing to provide references? Do they seem interested and eager to help you recover the costs of your old IT equipment? As for examples of projects they’ve worked on in the past that might relate to your industry.

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