The 5 Stages of Technology Recycling

The 5 Stages of Technology Recycling

Technology recycling is cost-efficient, ethical, and secure, but how does it work, exactly?

When you have old devices that have outlived their usefulness or have become obsolete, you’ll need to do something with them. You can’t simply dispose of these devices, the way you wou犀利士 ld an old piece of furniture; if you do, you could be jeopardizing the security of your organization (and your clients), compromising your legal compliance, and missing out on a potential return on your initial investment.

A better approach is to use technology recycling, a multi-step process that makes better use of your devices at the end of their lives.

The Stages of Technology Recycling

In most cases, you’ll follow these stages of technology recycling:

  1. Collection and transportation. First, your devices need to be collected and transported. If you’re working with e-Waste, we’ll provide you with all the materials you need to inventory and pack your devices; we’ll even pick them up on your behalf.
  2. Documentation. A responsible technology recycler will then work to thoroughly document these devices in every stage that follows. They’ll keep track of the number of devices that require recycling, and track them throughout the process.
  3. Data eradication. To ensure compliance, e-Waste and other technology recyclers will completely eradicate the data stored on your devices. There are several methods of data erasure or destruction that can be used, and some must be used to maintain legal compliance.
  4. Sorting, refurbishing, and resale. Depending on your needs and the types of devices being recycled, your devices may be refurbished for resale or completely broken down to their base components. At this stage, the technology recycler will sort and document these devices, and refurbish and resell (or redistribute) the appropriate items.
  5. Shredding, sorting, and redistribution. Items that remain will be broken down to their base components, and fully recycled with a zero landfill policy.

If you are in need of technology recycling services, or if you have end of life devices you aren’t sure how to handle, contact e-Waste for more information on technology recycling today!

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