How Internal Redeployment Can Salvage Your Legacy Equipment

How Internal Redeployment Can Salvage Your Legacy Equipment

Through internal redeployment, you can make the most of your old technology.

Technology has the power to positively transform your organization, but over time, you may be left with old and underperforming devices. Your once-new equipment will age and lose some functionality, and through mergers and acquisitions, you may be left with an abundance of older devices.

You could get rid of these devices and/or purchase new ones, but it’s often a better choice to pursue internal redeployment. Through intern犀利士 al redeployment, you can erase data from old devices, refurbish them, sanitize them, and eventually redistribute them among your staff.

Ultimately, this process allows you to make use of your old equipment while remaining secure and maximizing device performance. However, there are a few important tenets you’ll need to follow to make the best use of this.

Key Principles for a Successful Internal Redeployment

These principles can help you manage a successful internal redeployment:

  • Prioritize data erasure. Data erasure isn’t a topic to take lightly. If you don’t properly erase the old data on your digital devices, it could pose a security hazard for years to come. You’ll need to work with a responsible, certified technology recycler to make sure your devices are cleansed of old data—simply applying a factory reset isn’t enough.
  • Document and track everything. You should have a thorough understanding of which devices are currently in your possession, who’s going to handle them throughout the internal redeployment process, and where they’re going to end up. This will make things easier, logistically, but will also provide you with evidence of your responsible handling.
  • Understand your legal compliance. Some businesses must adhere to laws and regulations for how they handle old devices and data. Make sure you remain in compliance by working with a certified partner.
  • Make key upgrades when possible. Some devices aren’t worth refurbishing; it may be more advantageous to fully recycle or resell them, and move forward with the purchase of newer equipment.

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