What Is an “e-Crate” System?

What Is an “e-Crate” System?

Like most businesses, you operate with dozens, or even hundreds of electronic devices. Your employees rely on laptops, tablets, and mobile devices to accomplish their tasks every day. So what happens when it comes time to retire those devices?

Prudent companies understand the importance of data eradication and technology recycling. With data eradication, you’ll securely eliminate any trace of data that could compromise the security of your company and its customers. And with technology recycling, you’ll make sure your electronics are disposed of properly—protecting the environment in the process.

But there are some big issues with managing technology recycling and data eradication on your own, including:

  • Expertise. Not everyone has the experience, knowledge or resources necessary to dispose of technology properly. It’s not as easy to fully delete your data as you think.
  • Money. Technology disposal can be expensive both in dollars and resource allocation especially if you’re working with multiple types of businesses in multiple locations.
  • Coordination. If you work with independent specialists, you’ll need to handle logistics and coordination; you may have to take your devices to a data erasure specialist, then get them back and take them to a recycler.
  • Time. No matter what, properly disposing of your old technology devices ordinarily takes hours of time.  This is especially true when dealing with multiple geographic locations.

Enter the e-Crate System

The e-Crate System, offered by e-Waste, is a technology disposal service that attempts to solve all of these problems simultaneously.

The way it works is simple. You’ll contact e-Waste with a request, and we’ll drop off an “e-Crate” container (or several containers) to hold all your old electronic devices. Fill them up, ship them back, and we’ll take care of everything from there; we will take charge of expunging all data from your devices, then prepare those devices for proper recycling and/or disposal. You can adhere to your regulatory compliance standards and rest assured that your devices have been disposed of properly—all without having to leave your business, and all with one company.

Are you interested in learning more about our electronics recycling approach? Or are you ready for a free quote? Contact us today to learn how e-Waste can help you!

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