Why Your Business Should Choose Asset Recovery Provider

Why Your Business Should Choose Asset Recovery Provider

Asset recovery internal team or third-party provider? Find out what works for your business.

If you’re new to asset recovery solutions, here’s our article that can guide you on how to choose the right asset recovery partner for your business needs.

There are factors to consider before deciding on how to handle surplus IT equipment. One of the main factors is budget. Businesses primarily look for what they think are asset recovery cost-efficient options, thus third-party providers enter the picture. But what makes external partners a better option than internal teams?

Advantages of Asset Recovery Solutions Provider
  1. Save from hiring, equipment and training costs. Unless your business does asset recovery on a regular basis, building an internal team might work for you if done right. However, this will still cost you money and extra responsibilities to manage the internal team.
  2. Convenience. Going through the hassle of training and building another team can be troublesome. Asset recovery providers like E-Waste take the burden off your shoulders. In E-Waste, we do the job in a professional manner using an established asset recovery system. This allows you to focus on more important matters in your business.
  3. Better selling price. Aside from the level of expertise and professional approach in putting value on your old IT equipment, asset recovery providers also have the resources and network of qualified buyers. With a number of options at hand, your external partner can sell your unused assets at higher prices.
  4. Flexible coverage of work. If you already have an internal team, you can have part of the asset recovery process done by an external team. You can potentially minimize cost while utilizing your current resources and manpower.
  5. Compliance standards and requirements. Asset recovery providers are certified by third party bodies to ensure they operate in accordance with their industry’s regulations and standards. You are assured that everything is securely managed and legally executed.

With the reasons stated above, it’s still recommended to weigh cons and pros to ensure your company’s goals and needs are addressed. Need more information? E-Waste online is here to help. You can contact us today to learn more about our asset recovery services, or request for a free quote

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